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Spinal Cord Injury Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander serves 18 wheeler wreck victims throughout the state of Texas.

By taking legal actions, we could assist spinal cord injury victims to recover the compensation they should readjust to life after an unforeseen accident.

Whether caused by a vehicle collision, medical malpractice or a different kind of injury, spinal cord accidents can impair a victim’s ability to work, socialize and cover for much-needed medical attention. Houston truck accident lawyer Reshard Alexander devoted to holding the parties accountable to our customers’ accidents accountable for their activities. In the event that you or a loved one suffered a severe spinal cord injury, and also you need compensation to recuperate, we might have the ability to help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the accountable party. Complete our case review form to learn more.

Proving Truck Accidents in Houston, Texas

Negligence in Truck Crashes

If you suffered a spinal cord injury in an auto crash and think that your injury was caused by another’s actions or failure to act, you could have the ability to recoup damages to your own losses. Even though a product liability suit is also a potential plan of action, many cases will be brought under the concept of negligence. In a negligence claim, your lawyer must establish four elements: the suspect owed you a duty of care, this obligation has been somehow busted, you endured an accident, and the violation was the primary cause of your injury.

By way of instance, a black automobile races through a red light and hits a gray automobile in the intersection. Drivers have a responsibility of care to behave carefully and exercise awareness of the environment to reduce injury to other people with whom they share the street. To deal with his accidents, the driver of the blue car must experience expensive surgery and rehab.

Collecting Proof in 18 Wheeler Wrecks – Spinal Cord Injury Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander

For those who were injured because of another’s negligence, an auto incident lawyer can help gather evidence and information which might be crucial to your claim’s achievement. Our lawyers have access to specialists who will help out with the fact-finding stages of your claim that might involve:

Product Liability Truck Accident Cases – Spinal Cord Injury Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander

In the event that you have been hurt in an automobile crash and think a product in automobile contributed to or resulted in the crash, then you could have a product liability litigation against the maker. In a product liability case, a producer could be held strictly accountable because of its faulty products, without evidence of negligence. Your lawyer must demonstrate that a flaw exists and an injury resulted; nonetheless if your car was bought second hand or used–strict liability rather than a viable cause of action.

Negligence in Commercial Vehicle Accidents – Spinal Cord Injury Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander

If you think the auto or among its components was in charge of the crash, then you might have the ability to recoup compensation from the maker. To prevail, your lawyer will need to show:

  • The producer had a responsibility to market a secure product;
  • The maker breached this obligation (knew or should have known of flaw); and
  • The flaw caused the injuries sustained.
  • In preparing a claim against a product manufacturer, your lawyer may review the organization’s production process, ascertain whether other fabricated parts were faulty, and ascertain the method by which the flaw could result in your injuries.

Who’s Liable When You Go Through a Back Injury at Work?

Employees who maintain a spinal cord injury on the job may have worries about their occupation and how they are going to continue to provide to their households. In exchange for employees’ compensation, these employees can’t sue their employer. Nonetheless, they could have the ability to file a lawsuit against a third party, whose negligence caused their harm. Employees who have been denied workers’ compensation needs to contact a lawyer immediately to talk about their claim.

At a spinal cord injury litigation, a lawyer may have the ability to assist you to recover these damages:

Medical Bills: Plaintiffs can recover cash for any medical bills caused by the injury, such as hospital bills, prescription medications, physician visits, and rehabilitation, in addition to any potential medical expenses.

Lost Wages: Compensation for time away from work, in addition to a reduction of earning capacity may also be given.

Pain and Suffering: once a person suffers a spinal cord injury, they could undergo lasting physical and psychological pain. These victims can get financial damages with this pain and distress.

In such instances, the household might qualify for damages depending on the pain and anguish of the victim, in addition to cash to ease the financial burden left with their own loved one’s absence.

In the event that you or somebody you care for confronted a serious spine or spine injury, fill out our free, no-obligation case inspection form. Our personal injury lawyers have experience handling cases in many different practice areas and are prepared to assist you with you recover the compensation you might be entitled to for the spinal cord injury.

To speak with an attorney about your case, call Houston truck accident lawyer Reshard Alexander at 713.766.322 or 800.688.7551 or contact the firm online. Big Rig Bull Spinal Cord Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander offers evening and weekend appointments as well as home and hospital visits.

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