Foot Injury Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Foot Injury Houston Car Accident Lawyer

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Foot injuries resulting from Houston car accidents are often expensive to treat and may take months to recover from.

Foot injuries are a common outcome of car accidents. Car accidents can cause foot injuries like fractures and broken or fragmented bones, moderate to acute bruising, sprains strains and torn ligaments, ruptured tendons, puncture wounds, and deep cuts and abrasions. Such injuries can alter normal life due to the long recovery time that can stretch into recovery after surgery, months of therapy, medication, and long periods of limited activity can hamper normal life. In this post, our Houston attorneys will discuss common foot injuries that may result from car accidents.

What to Do If Your Foot Was Injured in a Car Accident – Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Foot injuries can leave an individual out of action for quite some. Surgery, healing, therapies, and exercises often do not permit a foot injury victim to resume walking on the treated foot for months. Many lose their jobs or require taking long breaks for recovery. This results in significant lost wages, adding more stress to the already stressful situation. If you have been injured in a Houston car accident, it is in your best interests to speak with an experienced car accident attorney. Big Rig Bull Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander has a proven track record and can evaluate your case for free. Call us 24/7 at (713) 766-3322 to schedule a free consultation.

Types of Foot Injuries – Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Foot injuries can be classified as acute injuries, compartment syndromes of the foot, metatarsal fractures and calcaneus fractures or fractures of the heel bone.

Acute Injuries

Injuries such as fractures and broken or fragmented bones, moderate to acute bruising, sprains strains and torn ligaments, ruptured tendons, puncture wounds, are classified as acute injuries.

Compartment Syndromes

Compartment Syndrome refers to injuries caused to the compartments of the foot that comprise of nerves, muscles, and tendons bound together by a tight membrane. Such injuries usually include swelling of the muscle tissue in the compartments caused due to internal bleeding, leading to improper functioning of the nerves and muscles in the foot compartments. High impact accidents lead to these types of injuries.

Metatarsal Fractures

Fractures in the metatarsals or the long bones of the foot are the most common type of foot injury. They can range from a simple twisted foot, a fracture or a crushed foot due to a heavy object falling on the foot. Severe metatarsal fractures mostly require surgery whereas minor fractures can be cured with a boot or a cast. Metatarsal fractures take a minimum of eight to ten weeks to heal in a cast with a 70% success rate, and about six weeks with surgery. However, screws inserted during the surgery are usually taken out around four or five months later. This indicates long periods of inactivity without the use of the foot.

Calcaneus Fractures

A huge impact or force crushing the heel bone into fragments results in calcaneus fractures. Calcaneus fractures require immediate medical attention and surgery is the only option to avoid deformity of the heel, chronic pain, and arthritis setting in. Calcaneus fractures generally require surgery that includes either putting a metal plate and screws to put the bones back together or if the heel was severely fractured, fusing of the bone may be required. These procedures require a minimum of six months of healing time aided with therapies.

Foot Injury Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Seeking a Free Consultation with one of Texas’ Houston Car Accident Lawyers? Call the Houston Car Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander today at 713.766.3322.

It is advisable to consult Houston car accident attorney Reshard Alexander who will help determine liability and the right compensation amount that you should get for your injuries. The insurance company of the at-fault driver may not be willing to pay for damages and I can help you with the negotiation process. Call today for a free consultation.

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