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This is a list of hazing deaths in the United States. This is not an exhaustive list. An exact list is not available because there is no central system for tracking hazing deaths, and the role of hazing in some deaths is subject to disagreement. Inclusion in this list requires that the incident was described by the media as a hazing-related death. Incidents involving criminal or civil proceedings that did not find a definite link with hazing may still be included if they meet this criterion.

According to the National Collaborative for Hazing Research and Prevention at the University of Maine, hazing is defined as “any activity expected of someone joining or participating in a group that humiliates, degrades, abuses or endangers them, regardless of a person’s willingness to participate”.[1] Although hazing is often associated with the activities that take place as a prerequisite for joining a group, it can also include activities that take place as an established member, such as the 2011 death of fraternity brother George Desdunes.

There has been at least one university hazing death each year from 1969 to 2017.[2] According to Franklin College journalism professor Hank Nuwer, over 200 university hazing deaths have occurred since 1838, with 40 deaths between 2007 and 2017 alone.[3] Alcohol poisoning is the biggest cause of death.[3]

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Hazing in Greek letter organizations is defined as any act or set of acts that constitutes hazing and occurs in connection to a fraternity or sorority.

Hazing is often cited as one of the most harmful aspects of fraternities and sororities and poses a major threat to their existence, drawing great criticism from educators and administrators.[1] As fraternities and sororities are very diverse in their structures, regulations, governing entities, and memberships, and as hazing can take on many forms, the issue of hazing within these organizations is complex and multifaceted.

Date of death Victim Organization Institution Cause of death Notes
1737 Daniel Rees Masonic Temple in Philadelphia Burns [4][5]
1838 John Butler Groves Class hazing Franklin Seminary (Kentucky)
1847 Jonathan D. Torrance Class hazing Amherst College [6]
October 17, 1873 Mortimer N. Leggett Kappa Alpha Society Cornell University Injuries from fall [6][7][8]
September 19, 1885 Edward Turnbach Class hazing Unknown public school in Hazleton, Pennsylvania Kidney trauma [9]
June 6, 1892 Wilkins Rustin Delta Kappa Epsilon Yale University Peritonitis [6][10][11][12]
February 20, 1894 Henrietta Jackson Class hazing Cornell University Gassing [6][13]
September 29, 1898 David C. Jones Class hazing Decatur High School (Decatur, Illinois) Spine trauma [14]
October 27, 1899 Edward Fairchild Berkeley Kappa Alpha Society Cornell University Drowning [6][15]
November 22, 1899 Martin Bergen Class hazing Lawrenceville Academy (Lawrenceville, New Jersey) Peritonitis [16][17]


Date of death Victim Organization Institution
and location
Cause of death Notes
November 3, 1900 Thomas Finley Brown Class hazing Porter Military Academy
Charleston, South Carolina
Internal injuries [18][19]
November 16, 1900 Hugh C. Moore Class hazing Massachusetts Institute of Technology Neck trauma [20]
December 3, 1900 Oscar Booz Class hazing United States Military Academy
West Point, New York
Tuberculosis [21][22][23][24][25]
September 15, 1903 Ralph McBride Secret society “L. of S.S.B” Bluffton High SchoolBluffton, Indiana Sepsis [18][26][27][28]
November 8, 1903 Martin Loew Phi Psi Chi (Local dental fraternity) University of Maryland, Baltimore [29] [30]
1903 Ralph Canning Childhood hazing Barton, Vermont [18][31]
September 1904 Frank Miller Class hazing Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana
Pneumonia [18][32]
April 1904 Freddie Fillwock Class hazing Rawson School
Findlay, Ohio
Head trauma [33][34]
October 28, 1905 Stuart L. Pierson Delta Kappa Epsilon Kenyon College
Gambier, Ohio
Hit by train [35]
February 10, 1906 William Taylor Class hazing A school in Lima, Ohio Pneumonia [18][36]
January 3, 1906 Cecil F. Leat Class hazing Hilliard High School
Columbus, Ohio
March 1909 Charles Stinson Class hazing White School


Date of death Victim Organization Institution
and location
Cause of death Notes
February 9, 1910 Clarence W. Gore Class hazing University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
September 27, 1908 Emil S. Gran Class hazing Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, Massachusetts
Spinal trauma [40]
September 12, 1912 William Rand Class hazing University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Neck laceration [41]
July 24, 1913 Donald A. Kenny and Christopher Gustin Fraternal order hazing Loyal Order of Moose
Birmingham, Alabama
Electrocution [42][43]
September 19, 1913 Francis Obenchain Class hazing Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana
Broken neck [44]
May 26, 1914 William Bowlus Class hazing St. John’s College
Annapolis, Maryland
Gunshot [45][46]
November 25, 1915 Thurber Sweet Class hazing Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, Virginia
Spinal trauma [47]
October 1916 Paul N. Blue Class hazing Morningside College
Sioux City, Iowa
Head trauma [48][49]
September 24, 1919 Frank McCullough Class hazing Colgate University
Hamilton, New York
Drowning [6][50]


Date of death Victim Organization Institution
and location
Cause of death Notes
September 21, 1921 Leighton Mount Class hazing Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois
[51][52] [53] [54] [55]
January 6, 1925 Reginald Stringfellow Class hazing University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
September 30, 1928 Nolte McElroy Delta Kappa Epsilon University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas
Electrocution [6][58][59]


Date of death Victim Organization Institution
and location
Cause of death Notes
September 13, 1931 Lloyd Aune Class hazing Stout Institute
Menomonie, Wisconsin
Spinal injury [60][61]
April 11, 1935 Richard Beitzel Phi Delta Theta Dickinson College
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Sepsis [62][63]
February 25, 1936 Taylor Lewis High school fraternity Unnamed high school
In November 1934, Taylor was struck on the hip and spine with a heavy plank during a hazing session. He died a little over a year later at the age of 17. He was confined to the hospital for most of the time between his injury and his death.[64]


Date of death Victim Organization Institution
and location
Cause of death Notes
March 10, 1940 Hubert L. Spake, Jr. Theta Nu Epsilon University of Missouri–Columbia
Columbia, Missouri
Suffocation Spake died following a fraternity initiation ceremony in which he imbibed heavily. He was found face down in bed and was ruled to have suffocated on his pillow.[6][65]
October 6, 1943 Wayne Rogers Class hazing Appleton High School
Appleton, Wisconsin
15-year-old sophomore Rogers was assaulted on a church lawn during the evening of September 7, 1943 (the first day of school) by a group of seven others, including seniors from his school as well as a junior high school student and students from St. Norbert College.[66] They clipped hair from his body and applied oil of wintergreen to his skin. His face began swelling, and he went into convulsions from which he did not recover.[67] An investigation into the death was launched, concluding with an official ruling that the death was due to an unrelated case of nephritis.[66] Rogers’ parents were “extremely dissatisfied” with the conclusion, alleging that an autopsy was not performed on their son and the county coroner had not even been notified of the death.[68]
February 19, 1945 Robert Perry Phi Beta Pi Saint Louis University
St. Louis, Missouri
Immolation Perry died a day after he was critically injured in a fire that occurred during his fraternity initiation ceremony. His nude body was coated with a flammable substance: a lampblack and collodion mixture. Electrical shocks were administered to his skin. An induction coil short-circuited, lighting him on fire.[6][69][70]
February 20, 1945 Jack P. Jarosz Military US Navy Electrocution Lt. Thomas H. Fike was found guilty of “conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline” before a general court-martial following the death of Jarosz during a “shellback” ceremony, in which the sailor was told to touch the brass prongs of a trident when he gave a wrong answer. The intent was to cause a mild shock. Another sailor had undergone the same ceremony prior to Jarosz and suffered no ill effects. The ship’s electrician testified that Fike told him to take all precautions in installing the device and that he witnessed Fike testing it out himself, finding the shock to be mild. Fike was acquitted of manslaughter and neglect charges.[71]
January 26, 1946 LeRoy Robert Bragg and Stanford Fluitt Military SS Frederick Galbraith Saltpeter overdose Crew members Bragg, 14, and Fluitt, 16, died aboard the ship from an overdose of saltpeter during a traditional equator crossing initiation. Crew members who had never crossed the equator were referred to as “pollywogs” and were promoted to “shellback” status following the crossing. During the shellback ceremony, the boys were blindfolded then marched out onto the deck, where they had numbers painted on them. They were then marched back into the mess hall to wait their turn for the next phase of the initiation, which involved drinking the saltpeter mixed with water. Bragg had obtained work on the ship illegally using fraudulent paperwork stating he was 17.[72][73]
April 5, 1948 James Peterson Senior honorary society Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana
Gunshot As part of the initiation ceremony for the society, Peterson and other pledges were instructed to break into the campus heating plant to sound a whistle. A night watchman fired a pistol to “bluff” the students, killing Peterson.[74]


Date of death Victim Organization University Cause of death Notes
May 3, 1950 Dean Niswonger Alpha Tau Omega Wittenberg College Hit by a vehicle Niswonger and fellow pledge Jerry Wendell were taken out into the country as part of a hazing ritual in which they were to find their way back to campus. They decided to sit down on the road to wait for a ride, fell asleep, and Niswonger was hit by a truck.[75]
Weekend of October 7–8, 1950 Gerald Foletta Sigma Pi University of California, Berkeley Hit by a vehicle Foletta was pledging Sigma Pi when he was driven out into the country to find his way back to campus. He was hit by a vehicle while walking back to the university.[76]
March 1, 1951 Allen Kaplan Class hazing Northwestern State College As part of a class hazing prank, Kaplan was told he was being set up on a blind date atop a bluff overlooking the Red River. There was no blind date, but another student jumped out from behind a bush, pretending to be the date’s enraged husband holding a shotgun. He fired the gun into the air. The rest of the boys ran back to campus, but Kaplan never returned. it is unclear what happened next, but he was later found in the river below the bluff.[77]
May 25, 1951 Fred Evens, Jr. and Thomas Kleppner Lambda Chi Alpha University of Miami Hit by a vehicle Pledges Evens and Kleppner were taken 30 miles away from campus and told to find their way back. They fell asleep on the roadway and were struck by a vehicle. Kleppner was killed instantly, while Evens succumbed to his injuries several days later on May 30.[78][79]
October 22, 1953 Calvin Dougherty Class hazing Milligan College 17-year-old Dougherty was injured in a race ordered by upperclassmen when he ran into a tennis cable. His pancreas ruptured and spleen had to be removed. He died several days later.[80]
February 10, 1956 Thomas Clark Delta Kappa Epsilon Massachusetts Institute of Technology Drowned Clark was taken to a remote spot and told to find his way back to campus. He fell through the ice covering a reservoir and drowned.[81]
October 7, 1957 Max Caulk Delta Tau Delta Santa Barbara College Drowned Caulk drowned during a fraternity ritual in which he was thrown from the pier into the ocean.[82]
May 19, 1959 Henry Sherwood Letterman’s club Yakima High School (Yakima, Washington) Drowned Sherwood died from drowning during a session in which he and other initiates were wearing burlap sacks and being paddled in the water. His disappearance went unnoticed for several minutes. His body was located, but revival efforts were not successful.[83][84]
September 17, 1959 Richard Swanson Kappa Sigma University of Southern California Choking Kappa Sigma pledges were told to swallow a quarter-pound piece of raw liver soaked in oil, without chewing. The meat lodged in Swanson’s throat, and he began choking. The fraternity brothers did not tell police and ambulance workers about the hazing ritual, and instead attributed Swanson’s respiratory distress to a “nervous spasm”. He died two hours later.[85] The incident inspired the 1977 film Fraternity Row, as well a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode titled “Pledging Mr. Johnson”.[86]


Date of death Victim Organization University Cause of death Notes
September 11, 1963 Michael Murphy High school band Charleston High SchoolCharleston, West Virginia Fifteen-year-old Murphy was killed in a band initiation incident in which three fellow band members were striking his stomach in at attempt to give him a “pink belly”.[87]
August 1966 Lamonte R. Jenkins Football team Roman Catholic High School (Philadelphia) Drowning 17-year-old Jenkins drowned following a hazing incident in which he was thrown into the water by teammates.[88]
October 9, 1967 John Clifton Baylor Chamber of Commerce Baylor University Cardiac arrest Clifton died following an initiation ritual in which he was told to drink a concoction of five different kinds of laxatives and garlic and then run in place.[89] He regurgitated the concoction and then aspirated it, causing significant damage to his larynx and trachea. He began to have difficulty breathing while running and soon collapsed. He suffered a hemorrhage in his lungs and died of cardiac arrest.[90]
February 8, 1969 Scott Graeler Stag Club Muskingum College Heart failure Graeler, a college football player, died of heart failure following an initiation ceremony. The details of the ceremony were not disclosed, but his death was ruled to have been caused by overexertion.[91] The president of the club, John Falcon, was convicted and fined $100 on a charge of excessive hazing.[92]


Date of death Victim Organization University Cause of death Notes
March 1970 Donna Bedinger Alpha Gamma Delta Eastern Illinois University Head trauma Bedinger and another female student were driven to a wooded area three miles away from Eastern Illinois University and left as the other sorority members drove away. The ritual was known as “pledge sneak”. Bedinger ran after the vehicle and tried to catch its rear bumper but missed, striking her head on the road. She died a few days later.[93]
December 22, 1972 Fred Bronner Chi Chi Chi Los Angeles Pierce College Three fraternity members dropped Bronner off on a secluded road with the intention that he would hike back to campus, approximately 10 miles. They told him to think about how “obnoxious” he was. He was found eight days later at the bottom of a 500-foot cliff in Angeles National Forest.[94]
September 13, 1973 Mitchell Fishkin Delta Phi Lehigh University Fishkin’s fraternity brothers intended to drive the pledge to the other side of the mountain, then make him walk back to the fraternity. En route, he jumped from the moving vehicle and died.[95]
November 12, 1974 William Flowers Zeta Beta Tau Monmouth College (New Jersey) Buried alive Flowers, along with other pledges, was digging a deep hole in the sand (said to be a symbolic grave), when the walls collapsed and Flowers was buried, causing his death. His death spurred an anti-hazing statute in New York.[96] Flowers would have been the first black member of ZBT at Monmouth had he survived.[97]
September 12, 1975 Theodore Ben Class hazing Cheyney University of Pennsylvania Head trauma Freshman Theodore Ben was killed following a class hazing ritual. He slammed into a wall while carrying another student up and down a hallway, a hazing ritual known as a “dog line”. His skull was fractured and he fell into a coma. He died four days later at the hospital.[98][99]
August 23, 1976 Samuel Mark Click Pi Kappa Alpha Texas Tech University Hit by train Click was killed during a scavenger hunt as part of a hazing event. He was attempting to collect a letter that was under a railroad tie. He was hit by a train and killed.[6]
1976 Dennis Rodenbeck Phi Gamma Delta Iowa State University Allergic reaction Rodenbeck died from an allergic reaction after drinking massive quantities of liquor and beer. The chapter was investigated, but no charges were placed.[6]
November 5, 1976 Thomas Fitzgerald Pershing Rifles St. John’s University Chest wound Fitzgerald was a student at another university who had applied for admission into St. John’s and the Pershing Rifles. He was kidnapped and intimidated with a bayonet when the blade accidentally pierced his chest, killing him.[6]
April 21, 1977 Robert Brazile Omega Psi Phi (not recognized by national fraternity) University of Pennsylvania Heart attack Brazile died of a heart attack following weeks of intense hazing that included beatings, paddling, being forced to run long distances, and sleep deprivation.[6]
February 5, 1978 Nathaniel Swinson Omega Psi Phi (not recognized by national fraternity) North Carolina Central University Swinson died following a hazing ritual in which he was forced to run several miles and complete a grueling exercise routine. Swinson had sickle cell anemia, which was exacerbated by the strenuous workout.[100]
February 24, 1978 Chuck Stenzel Klan Alpine Alfred University Alcohol intoxication Stenzel (some sources list his surname as Stevens) was awoken and taken with other pledges, stripped, placed in the trunk of a car, and told to drink a pint of Jack Daniel’s, a six-pack of beer, and a bottle of wine between them. Three of the men were unconscious when they opened the trunk. He was left in his dorm for several hours until they finally brought him and two other unconscious pledges to the hospital. The other two men regained consciousness after 72 hours, but Stenzel died of severe pulmonary edema.[93][101]
January 11, 1979 Bruce Wiseman Theta Xi Louisiana State University Hit by a car Wiseman and six other pledges were in the middle of an initiation ceremony in which they were guided blindfolded down a highway. Their fraternity brothers, who were guiding them, attempted to get them off of the road when a car approached, but they failed to do so in time and the group was hit. Wiseman was killed and three others suffered broken legs.[102]


Date of death Victim Organization University Cause of Death Notes
August 31, 1980 Steve Call Delta Kappa Phi University of Lowell Hyperthermia Call was required to perform extensive calisthenics as part of his pledging.[103]
January 25, 1980 Lurie “Barry” Ballou Sigma Nu University of South Carolina Choking as a result of alcohol intoxication Ballou choked to death on his own vomit after he passed out from drinking massive quantities of alcohol in a drinking ritual as part of his pledging. His blood alcohol content (BAC) was 0.46 when he died.[104]
April 2, 1980 Joseph Parella Delta Kappa (local fraternity) Ithaca College Heatstroke Parella died after undergoing a long-standing initiation tradition of calisthenics. One source described the events as taking place in a steam room.[6] Another lists Delta Kappa fraternity’s initiation rites as involving the 14 pledges doing 100 pushups, running up and down a steep hill, doing 100 more pushups, then sprinting up and down the hill again. Parella began having trouble breathing, so the fraternity brothers carried him into the hallway and removed his clothing to cool him off. He continued to decline, prompting them to administer CPR and called an ambulance.[105]
1981 Rick Cerra FEX (local fraternity) University of Wisconsin–Superior Cerra collapsed and died after being forced to do calisthenics while wearing heavy clothing on a hot day.[6]
March 29, 1982 Victor Siegel Alpha Omega Lambda Towson State University Traffic collision Sleep deprivation stemming from hazing rituals was considered to be a contributing factor. At the time of his death, Siegel was wearing a Playboy Bunny costume and driving to get signatures of alumni as part of the pledging requirements.[6]
1983 Vann Watts Omega Psi Phi Tennessee State University Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.52) A member of his pledge class said that he had been beaten with switches as well and his head had been shaved. Other members denied the allegation.[6]
1984 Bruce Ward Goodrich Corps of Cadets Texas A&M University Heatstroke Goodrich died of heatstroke after performing strenuous calisthenics. Another student was found guilty of destroying evidence (a company exercise schedule) and three others pleaded guilty to hazing charges.[6]
1984 James Lenaghan Zeta Chi American International College Lenaghan died after a ritual involving eating small plates of spaghetti followed with large quantities of wine. Other fraternity members placed him in a bathtub after he lost control of his bowels, unaware that this was a sign of impending death. His BAC was 0.48 at the time of death.[6]
1984 Jeffrey Franklin Long Tau Gamma Theta (local fraternity)[106] California State University, Chico Hit by a car On the night of Long’s death, pledges were encouraged to consume two gallons of wine before participating in a drag race. Long was struck by a vehicle driven by another pledge.[6]
1986 Mark Seeberger Phi Kappa Psi University of Texas at Austin Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.43) Seeberger died of alcohol poisoning after he and two other Phi Kappa Psi pledges participated in a fraternity hazing ritual where they were handcuffed in a van and made to consume 16 to 20 ounces (~530 mL) of rum.[107]
February 13, 1988 James Callahan Lambda Chi Alpha Rutgers University Pledges of Lambda Chi Alpha were encouraged to drink large amounts of alcohol in an attempt to make them sick. An autopsy confirmed that Callahan had a BAC of 0.434 when he died.[96]
1989 Joel Harris Alpha Phi Alpha Morehouse College Harris died following a hazing ritual in which pledges were required to recite historical events of the fraternity and physically punished for errors. Harris eventually collapsed during a ritual involving slaps, blows, and punches. The ritual lasted between three and five hours. Harris was found to have an abnormal heart rhythm linked to congenital heart disease. As a result of his death, Alpha Phi Alpha voted to halt pledging within the fraternity, instead of allowing members to join directly.[100]


Date of death Victim Organization University Cause of Death Notes
October 19, 1990 Nick Haben Lacrosse club Western Illinois University Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.34) Haben died of alcohol poisoning. He participated in drinking games required for admission into the lacrosse club and was found dead in his dorm room the next morning. Haben’s teammates said they had carried him there just before midnight, and propped him up with pillows with his face toward the floor, so he wouldn’t choke if he vomited. His BAC was 0.34 at the time of his death.[108]
1991 Mike Nisbet St. Pat’s Board University of Missouri, Rolla Choking while intoxicated with alcohol Nisbet was found dead after choking to death on his own vomit after a ritual drinking game required of initiates into St. Pat’s Board, an organization on campus which raised money for the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration.[6]
March 31, 1992 Gregory R. Batipps Alpha Phi Alpha University of Virginia Traffic collision Batipps died in a car accident after falling asleep behind the wheel. His roommate told police that Batipps had been deprived of sleep during pledging activities, returned home at 3 am, and leaving a few hours later at 7:30.[109]
1992 J.B. Joynt Phi Sigma Kappa Frostburg State University Joynt died following a pledge sneak in which pledges were rough-housing with members.[6]
1993 Chad Saucier Phi Delta Theta Auburn University Alcohol intoxication Death from alcohol intoxication following an annual bottle exchange between members and pledges.[6]
1994 Leslie Ware Alpha Phi Omega (not recognized by national fraternity) Alcorn State University Shot to death Ware was shot at 1 am while stealing a chair, by the boyfriend of the chair’s owner. The surviving pledges originally said they were retrieving the chair for a member who requested it, but subsequently changed their statement, claiming they were pulling a prank on their own. The chapter was banned and officially inactive at the time.[6]
1994 Terry Linn Delta Chi Bloomsburg University Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.40) Linn died of alcohol poisoning following Delta Chi’s pledging “hell night”. His BAC was 0.40.[6]
February 14, 1994 Michael Davis Kappa Alpha Psi Southeast Missouri State University Polytrauma after a brutal hazing Davis died after being brutally beaten as part of a hazing ritual. He was unconscious when he was driven home and put to bed. He had broken ribs, a lacerated kidney, a lacerated liver, and bruises all over his chest, neck, back, and arms. He died from bleeding in his brain.[110]
February 10, 1997 Binaya Oja Theta Chi Clarkson University Alcohol intoxication As part of Oja’s initiation, pledges gathered in a semicircle around a bucket and were instructed to take turns drinking hard liquor. If any pledges did not drink the liquor fast enough, they were instructed to guzzle a full glass of beer. The point of the game was allegedly for pledges to drink to the point of vomiting. Oja was found dead the following morning. News reports suggested that he was pressured heavily to drink, but other pledges and various sources both within and connected to Theta Chi reported that Oja was drinking more than the others in an attempt to impress members of the fraternity and that some fraternity brothers tried to convince him to stop drinking.[86]
September 29, 1997 Scott Krueger Phi Gamma Delta Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alcohol intoxication Krueger died of alcohol intoxication as part of a ritual celebration intended to forge a bond between each freshman and an upper-class mentor. The freshmen at the party were required to collectively consume a certain amount of liquor. M.I.T. officials were reluctant to call it hazing.[111]
November 11, 1998 Jack Ivey Phi Kappa Sigma University of Texas at Austin Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.46) Ivey’s parents alleged that fraternity members tricked their son into drinking too much, stripped him down to his underwear, and tied him up before driving him around in the back of a truck on the night of his death in 1998. He died of alcohol intoxication, with a BAC of 0.46. Phi Kappa Sigma settled with his parents for $2 million.[112]
December 11, 1999 Kevin Lawless Sigma Tau Omega Iona College Alcohol intoxication Lawless collapsed and died following the consumption of “large quantities of beer, wine, and vodka” at a bar and later at the apartment of one of the fraternity brothers. Another freshman passed out but recovered.[113]
March 15, 1999 Stephen Petz Knights of College Leadership (local fraternity) Ferris State University Alcohol intoxication [114]


Date of death Victim Organization University Cause of Death Notes
October 6, 2000 Adrian Heideman Pi Kappa Phi California State University, Chico Choking as a result of alcohol intoxication [115]
Jan. 29, 2001 Joseph T. Green Omega Psi Phi Tennessee State University Asthma attack after intense exercise [93]
November 4, 2001 Chad Meredith Kappa Sigma University of Miami Drowning, while intoxicated with alcohol [93]
October 10, 2002 Albert Santos Pi Kappa Alpha University of Nevada, Reno Drowning [116][117]
February 12, 2002 (date found) Benjamin Klein Zeta Beta Tau Alfred University Apparent suicide after brutal hazing [118]
February 14, 2002 Daniel Reardon Phi Sigma Kappa University of Maryland, College Park Alcohol intoxication [120]
September 9, 2002 Kristin High and Kenitha Saafir Alpha Kappa Alpha California State University, Los Angeles Drowning [121]
March 12, 2003 Walter Dean Jennings Psi Epsilon Chi State University of New York at Plattsburgh Water intoxication [122]
Oct. 20, 2003 Kelly Nester Sigma Kappa Omega Plymouth State University Traffic collision [123]
September 17, 2004 Gordie Bailey Chi Psi University of Colorado at Boulder Alcohol intoxication [124]
November 18, 2004 Steven David Judd Delta Chi New Mexico State University Alcohol intoxication
November 25, 2003 Shawn Davis Occupational hazing Republic Energy Drilling Company Polytrauma [125]
March 8, 2004 William James Southside Masonic Lodge, Patchogue, New York Freemasons Shot to death [126]
February 2, 2005 Matthew Carrington Chi Tau (local) California State University, Chico Water intoxication [93][127]
Aug. 28, 2005 Kenny Luong Lambda Phi Epsilon University of California, Irvine As a result of intense exercise [128]
December 10, 2005 Phanta “Jack” Phoummarath Lambda Phi Epsilon University of Texas at Austin Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.41) [93]
January 8, 2006 Danny Ray Daniels Phi Gamma Delta California State University Fresno Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.34) [129][130][131]
November 17, 2006 Tyler Cross Sigma Alpha Epsilon University of Texas at Austin Polytrauma due to falling after alcohol intoxication [132]
March 30, 2007 Gary DeVercelly Phi Kappa Tau Rider University Alcohol intoxication [93][133]
November 8, 2008 Brett Griffin Sigma Alpha Mu University of Delaware Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.341)
October 5, 2008 Johnny D. Smith Delta Tau Delta Wabash College Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.40) [134][135]
November 18, 2008 Harrison Kowiak Theta Chi Lenoir-Rhyne University Head injury [93]
November 20, 2008 Michael Starks Sigma Nu Utah State University Alcohol intoxication [93]
December 2, 2008 Carson Starkey Sigma Alpha Epsilon California Polytechnic State University Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.39–0.44) [93]
March 1, 2009 Arman Partamian Pigs (unofficial local fraternity) State University of New York at Geneseo Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.55) [93][136]
October 21, 2009 Donnie Wade Phi Beta Sigma Prairie View A&M University Acute exertional rhabdomyolysis [137]


Date of death Victim Organization University Cause of Death Notes
October 15, 2010 Samuel Mason Tau Kappa Epsilon Radford University Alcohol intoxication [138][139]
2010 Victoria Carter and Briana Latrice Gather Delta Sigma Theta East Carolina University Traffic collision after sleep deprivation and fatigue [140]
February 25, 2011 George Desdunes Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cornell University Alcohol intoxication [141]
2011 Robert Champion Florida A&M Marching Band Florida A&M University Collapse [142]
November 2, 2012 David Bogenberger Pi Kappa Alpha Northern Illinois University Alcohol intoxication [143][144]
February 17, 2012 William Torrance Delta Gamma Iota Vincennes University Alcohol intoxication [145]
September 3, 2012 Philip Dhanens Theta Chi California State University, Fresno Alcohol intoxication [146][147][148][148]
March 26, 2012 Robert Tipton Delta Sigma Phi High Point University Oxymorphone overdose after brutal hazing [149]
April 20, 2013 Marvell Edmondson and Jauwan Holmes Men of Honor (local, unsanctioned fraternity) Virginia State University Drowning [150]
December 8, 2013 Chun “Michael” Deng Pi Delta Psi Baruch College Head injury [151]
July 1, 2014 Armando Villa Pi Kappa Phi California State University, Northridge Heat stroke while hiking [152][153][154][155][156][152]
September 22, 2014 Tucker Hipps Sigma Phi Epsilon Clemson University Head injuries after fall [157][158]
November 14, 2014 Nolan Burch Kappa Sigma West Virginia University Alcohol intoxication [159]
November 17, 2014 Trevor Duffy Zeta Beta Tau (unaffiliated, unsanctioned fraternity) University at Albany Alcohol intoxication [160][161]
March 18, 2016 Raheel Siddiqui United States Marine Corps Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island Polytrauma due to falling [162][163][164][165]
October 27, 2016 Ryan Abele Sigma Nu University of Nevada, Reno Alcohol intoxication [166][167]
February 4, 2017 Tim Piazza Beta Theta Pi Pennsylvania State University Alcohol intoxication [168][169]
September 14, 2017 Maxwell Gruver Phi Delta Theta Louisiana State University Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.495) [3][170][3][3]
November 3, 2017 Andrew Coffey Pi Kappa Phi Florida State University Alcohol intoxication(BAC 0.558) [171][172]
November 12, 2018 Collin Wiant Sigma Pi Ohio University Asphyxia [173]
January 12, 2019 Noah Domingo Sigma Alpha Epsilon UC Irvine Alcohol intoxication [174]
November 10, 2019 Dylan Hernandez Phi Gamma Delta San Diego State TBD: apparent head injury [175]

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Attorney Reshard AlexanderBig Rig Bull Texas Truck Accident Lawyer represents clients in all Texas counties, including: Anderson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Andrews County Truck Accident Lawyer, Angelina County Truck Accident Lawyer, Aransas County Truck Accident Lawyer, Archer County Truck Accident Lawyer, Armstrong Truck Accident Lawyer, Atascosa County Truck Accident Lawyer, Austin County Truck Accident Lawyer, Bailey County Truck Accident Lawyer, Bandera County Truck Accident Lawyer, Bastrop County Truck Accident Lawyer, Baylor County Truck Accident Lawyer, Bee County Truck Accident Lawyer, Bell County Truck Accident Lawyer, Bexar County Truck Accident Lawyer, Blanco County Truck Accident Lawyer, Borden County Truck Accident Lawyer, Bosque County Truck Accident Lawyer, Bowie County Truck Accident Lawyer, Brazoria County Truck Accident Lawyer, Brazos County Truck Accident Lawyer, Brewster County Truck Accident Lawyer, Briscoe County Truck Accident Lawyer, Brooks County Truck Accident Lawyer, Brown County Truck Accident Lawyer, Burleson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Burnet County Truck Accident Lawyer, Caldwell County Truck Accident Lawyer, Calhoun County Truck Accident Lawyer, Callahan County Truck Accident Lawyer, Cameron County Truck Accident Lawyer, Camp County Truck Accident Lawyer, Carson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Cass County Truck Accident Lawyer, Castro County Truck Accident Lawyer, Chambers County Truck Accident Lawyer, Cherokee County Truck Accident Lawyer, Childress County Truck Accident Lawyer, Clay County Truck Accident Lawyer, Cochran County Truck Accident Lawyer, Coke County Truck Accident Lawyer, Coleman County Truck Accident Lawyer, Collin County Truck Accident Lawyer, Collingsworth County Truck Accident Lawyer, Colorado County Truck Accident Lawyer, Comal County Truck Accident Lawyer, Comanche County Truck Accident Lawyer, Concho County Truck Accident Lawyer, Cooke County Truck Accident Lawyer, Coryell County Truck Accident Lawyer, Cottle County Truck Accident Lawyer, Craine County Truck Accident Lawyer, Crockett County Truck Accident Lawyer, Crosby County Truck Accident Lawyer, Culberson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Dallam County Truck Accident Lawyer, Dallas County Truck Accident Lawyer, Dawson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Deaf Smith County Truck Accident Lawyer, Delta County Truck Accident Lawyer, Denton County Truck Accident Lawyer, DeWitt County Truck Accident Lawyer, Dickens County Truck Accident Lawyer, Dimmit County Truck Accident Lawyer, Donley County Truck Accident Lawyer, Duval County Truck Accident Lawyer, Eastland County Truck Accident Lawyer, Ector County Truck Accident Lawyer, Edwards County Truck Accident Lawyer, El Paso County Truck Accident Lawyer, Ellis County Truck Accident Lawyer, Erath County Truck Accident Lawyer, Falls County Truck Accident Lawyer, Fannin County Truck Accident Lawyer, Fayette County Truck Accident Lawyer, Fisher County Truck Accident Lawyer, Floyd County Truck Accident Lawyer, Foard County Truck Accident Lawyer, Fort Bend County Truck Accident Lawyer, Franklin County Truck Accident Lawyer, Freestone County Truck Accident Lawyer, Frio County Truck Accident Lawyer, Gaines County Truck Accident Lawyer, Galveston County Truck Accident Lawyer, Garza County Truck Accident Lawyer, Gillespie County Truck Accident Lawyer, Glasscock County Truck Accident Lawyer, Goliad County Truck Accident Lawyer, Gonzales County Truck Accident Lawyer, Gray County Truck Accident Lawyer, Grayson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Gregg County Truck Accident Lawyer, Grimes County Truck Accident Lawyer, Guadalupe County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hale County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hall County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hamilton County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hansford County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hardeman County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hardin County Truck Accident LawyerHarris County Truck Accident Lawyer, Harrison County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hartley County Truck Accident Lawyer, Haskell County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hays County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hemphill County Truck Accident Lawyer, Henderson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hidalgo County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hill County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hockley County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hood County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hopkins County Truck Accident Lawyer, Houston County Truck Accident Lawyer, Howard County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hudspeth County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hunt County Truck Accident Lawyer, Hutchinson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Irion County Truck Accident Lawyer, Jack County Truck Accident Lawyer, Jackson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Jasper County Truck Accident Lawyer, Jeff Davis County Truck Accident Lawyer, Jefferson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Jim Hogg County Truck Accident Lawyer, Jim Wells County Truck Accident Lawyer, Johnson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Jones County Truck Accident Lawyer, Karnes County Truck Accident Lawyer, Kaufman County Truck Accident Lawyer, Kendall County Truck Accident Lawyer, Kenedy County Truck Accident Lawyer, Kent County Truck Accident Lawyer, Kerr County Truck Accident Lawyer, Kimble County Truck Accident Lawyer, King County Truck Accident Lawyer, Kinney County Truck Accident Lawyer, Kleberg County Truck Accident Lawyer, Knox County Truck Accident Lawyer, La Salle County Truck Accident Lawyer, Lamar County Truck Accident Lawyer, Lamb County Truck Accident Lawyer, Lampasas County Truck Accident Lawyer, Lavaca County Truck Accident Lawyer, Lee County Truck Accident Lawyer, Leon County Truck Accident Lawyer, Liberty County Truck Accident Lawyer, Limestone County Truck Accident Lawyer, Lipscomb County Truck Accident Lawyer, Live Oak County Truck Accident Lawyer, Llano County Truck Accident Lawyer, Loving County Truck Accident Lawyer, Lubbock County Truck Accident Lawyer, Lynn County Truck Accident Lawyer, Madison County Truck Accident Lawyer, Marion County Truck Accident Lawyer, Martin County Truck Accident Lawyer, Mason County Truck Accident Lawyer, Matagorda County Truck Accident Lawyer, Maverick County Truck Accident Lawyer, McCulloch County Truck Accident Lawyer, McLennan County Truck Accident Lawyer, McMullen County Truck Accident Lawyer, Medina County Truck Accident Lawyer, Menard County Truck Accident Lawyer, Milam County Truck Accident Lawyer, Mills County Truck Accident Lawyer, Mitchell County Truck Accident Lawyer, Montague County Truck Accident Lawyer, Montgomery County Truck Accident Lawyer, Moore County Truck Accident Lawyer, Morris County Truck Accident Lawyer, Motley County Truck Accident Lawyer, Nacogdoches County Truck Accident Lawyer, Navarro County Truck Accident Lawyer, Newton County Truck Accident Lawyer, Nolan County Truck Accident Lawyer, Nueces County Truck Accident Lawyer, Ochiltree County Truck Accident Lawyer, Oldham County Truck Accident Lawyer, Orange County Truck Accident Lawyer, Palo Pinto County Truck Accident Lawyer, Panola County Truck Accident Lawyer, Parker County Truck Accident Lawyer, Parmer County Truck Accident Lawyer, Pecos County Truck Accident Lawyer, Polk County Truck Accident Lawyer, Potter County Truck Accident Lawyer, Presidio County Truck Accident Lawyer, Rains County Truck Accident Lawyer, Randall County Truck Accident Lawyer, Reagan County Truck Accident Lawyer, Real County Truck Accident Lawyer, Red River County Truck Accident Lawyer, Reeves County Truck Accident Lawyer, Refugio County Truck Accident Lawyer, Roberts County Truck Accident Lawyer, Robertson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Rockwall County Truck Accident Lawyer, Runnels County Truck Accident Lawyer, Rusk County Truck Accident Lawyer, Sabine County Truck Accident Lawyer, San Augustine County Truck Accident Lawyer, San Jacinto County Truck Accident Lawyer, San Patricio County Truck Accident Lawyer, San Saba County Truck Accident Lawyer, Schleicher County Truck Accident Lawyer, Scurry County Truck Accident Lawyer, Shackelford County Truck Accident Lawyer, Shelby County Truck Accident Lawyer, Sherman County Truck Accident Lawyer, Smith County Truck Accident Lawyer, Somervell County Truck Accident Lawyer, Starr County Truck Accident Lawyer, Stephens County Truck Accident Lawyer, Sterling County Truck Accident Lawyer, Stonewall County Truck Accident Lawyer, Sutton County Truck Accident Lawyer, Swisher County Truck Accident Lawyer, Tarrant County Truck Accident Lawyer, Taylor County Truck Accident Lawyer, Terrell County Truck Accident Lawyer, Terry County Truck Accident Lawyer, Throckmorton County Truck Accident Lawyer, Titus County Truck Accident Lawyer, Tom Green County Truck Accident Lawyer, Travis County Truck Accident Lawyer, Trinity County Truck Accident Lawyer, Tyler County Truck Accident Lawyer, Upshur County Truck Accident Lawyer, Upton County Truck Accident Lawyer, Uvalde County Truck Accident Lawyer, Val Verde County Truck Accident Lawyer, Van Zandt County Truck Accident Lawyer, Victoria County Truck Accident Lawyer, Walker County Truck Accident Lawyer, Waller County Truck Accident Lawyer, Ward County Truck Accident Lawyer, Washington County Truck Accident Lawyer, Webb County Truck Accident Lawyer, Wharton County Truck Accident Lawyer, Wheeler County Truck Accident Lawyer, Wichita County Truck Accident Lawyer, Wilbarger County Truck Accident Lawyer, Willacy County Truck Accident Lawyer, Williamson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Wilson County Truck Accident Lawyer, Winkler County Truck Accident Lawyer, Wise County Truck Accident Lawyer, Wood County Truck Accident Lawyer, Yoakum County Truck Accident Lawyer, Young County Truck Accident Lawyer, Zapata County Truck Accident Lawyer, and Zavala County Truck Accident Lawyer and all Texas cities, including: Houston Car Accident Lawyer, Aldine Car Accident Lawyer , Algoa Car Accident Lawyer, Alief Car Accident Lawyer, Alvin Car Accident Lawyer, Anahuac Car Accident Lawyer, Angleton Car Accident Lawyer, Atascocita Car Accident Lawyer, Bay City Car Accident Lawyer, Bayou Vista Car Accident Lawyer, Baytown Car Accident Lawyer, Bellaire Car Accident Lawyer, Bellville TX Car Accident Lawyer, Beaumont Car Accident Lawyer, Brazoria Car Accident Lawyer, Brenham Car Accident Lawyer, Brookshire Car Accident Lawyer, Bryan Car Accident Lawyer, Cedar Creek Car Accident Lawyer, Channelview Car Accident Lawyer, China TX Car Accident Lawyer, Clear Lake City Car Accident Lawyer, Cleveland TX Car Accident Lawyer, Clute Car Accident Lawyer, Columbus TX Car Accident Lawyer, College Station Car Accident Lawyer, Conroe Car Accident Lawyer, Crosby Car Accident Lawyer, Cypress Car Accident Lawyer, Dayton Car Accident Lawyer, Deer Park Car Accident Lawyer, Dickinson Car Accident Lawyer, Eagle Lake Car Accident Lawyer, East Bernard Car Accident Lawyer, Edna Car Accident Lawyer, El Campo Car Accident Lawyer, Elmgrove Car Accident Lawyer, Flatonia Car Accident Lawyer, Freeport Car Accident Lawyer, Fresno Car Accident Lawyer, Friendswood Car Accident Lawyer, Fulshear TX Car Accident Lawyer, Galena Park Car Accident Lawyer, Galveston Car Accident Lawyer, Ganado TX Car Accident Lawyer, Garden Villas Car Accident Lawyer, Hardin Car Accident Lawyer, Hearne Car Accident Lawyer, Hempstead Car Accident Lawyer, Hillcrest Car Accident Lawyer, Hitchcock Car Accident Lawyer, Hockley TX Car Accident Lawyer, Humble Car Accident Lawyer, Huntsville Car Accident Lawyer, Inez Car Accident Lawyer, Jacinto City Car Accident Lawyer, Jamaica Beach Car Accident Lawyer, Jersey Village Car Accident Lawyer, Katy Car Accident Lawyer, Kemah Car Accident Lawyer, Kingwood TX Car Accident Lawyer, La Marque Car Accident Lawyer, La Porte Car Accident Lawyer, Lake Jackson Car Accident Lawyer, League City Car Accident Lawyer, Liberty TX Car Accident Lawyer, Liverpool TX Car Accident Lawyer, Livingston TX Car Accident Lawyer, Long Point TX Car Accident Lawyer, Louise TX Car Accident Lawyer, Lufkin Car Accident Lawyer, Madisonville Car Accident Lawyer, Magnolia Car Accident Lawyer, Meadows Place Car Accident Lawyer, Missouri City Car Accident Lawyer, Montgomery Car Accident Lawyer, Morgan’s Point Car Accident Lawyer, Moss Hill Car Accident Lawyer, Mount Belvieu Car Accident Lawyer, Nacogdoches Car Accident Lawyer, Navasota Car Accident Lawyer, Nassau Bay Car Accident Lawyer, Needville Car Accident Lawyer, Pasadena TX Car Accident Lawyer, Pearland Car Accident Lawyer, Port Bolivar Car Accident Lawyer, Porter Car Accident Lawyer, Prairie View Car Accident Lawyer, Richmond Car Accident Lawyer, Rosenberg Car Accident Lawyer, Rosharon Car Accident Lawyer, San Leon Car Accident Lawyer, Seabrook Car Accident Lawyer, Schulenburg Car Accident Lawyer, Sealy Car Accident Lawyer, Shenandoah Car Accident Lawyer, Shoreacres Car Accident Lawyer, Southside Place Car Accident Lawyer, Spring Car Accident Lawyer, Spring Branch Car Accident Lawyer, Stafford Car Accident Lawyer, Sugar Land Car Accident Lawyer, Texas City Car Accident Lawyer, Todd Mission Car Accident Lawyer, Tomball Car Accident Lawyer, Van Vleck Car Accident Lawyer, Waller TX Car Accident Lawyer, Webster Car Accident Lawyer, West Columbia TX Car Accident Lawyer, Wharton Car Accident Lawyer, Willis TX Car Accident Lawyer, Winnie Car Accident Lawyer, and The Woodlands Car Accident Lawyer.