Type of Dog | Houston Dog Bite Lawyer


Type of Dog | Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

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Breed type in the parlance of dog fanciers refers to the qualities that define a dog breed and separate it from all other dog breeds. Breed type is outlined in the written standard for each breed, and breed type is the basis of judging in conformation dog shows.

Breed type encompasses appearance, character, condition, bone structure, temperament, and movement; “breed type is all these things.”[1] Breed type also includes a character specific to each breed, a combination of behavior, temperament, and carriage that demonstrate the essence of the breed.[2]

For the most part, the ideal breed type is defined in the breed standard, a written list of attributes that defines the breed and separates the breed from other breeds based on the same ancestral type. The standard leaves room for interpretation; breeders may choose to select for emphasis some aspects of breed type over others, and, if conformation judges agree with that selection, the breed will change over time.[5]

Each element of the standard is considered both independently and part of the whole of breed type. In writing about the Borzoi, Jon Titus Steel says, “The neck is a key element of breed type”, affecting a dog’s outline, balance, movement, and function.[6]

Breed type usually takes into account the work the original dog type from which the breed was developed was bred to do. In order to counterbalance the overuse of appearance in awarding championships, some major registries and breed clubs have instituted performance events as part of the awards at conformation shows.[11]

Dog typebreed typedog breed, and purebred dog breed are at times all used interchangeably, but they all have distinct meanings. Types of dogs are varieties developed for specific work; they may be very ancient or modern in origin. Modern breeds of dogs are refinements of older dog types, bred so that all closely resemble each other, and documented in a studbook kept by a breed club or major dog registry. A purebred dog is a dog of a documented modern dog breed that has been selectively bred to emphasize breed type for the sport of competitive conformation dog showing.

The word type may be incorrectly used instead of style to refer to an identifiable ‘style of appearance’ or ‘working style characteristic’ of a particular kennel or “dogs of a well-established line” This terminology is incorrect. The word type in reference to a dog refers specifically to the description of what defines that breed and what makes that breed of dog different from every other breed, as can be found in that breed’s written Standard. When comparing dogs of the same breed, you look at type first and foremost, and then you look for different styles of dogs within that breed. The term style refers to characteristics that are different in each dog that already has breed type. There can be a vast variety of styles existing in each breed of dog. These characteristics develop from a breeder’s desire to create a distinct ‘look’ (or style) within their line. Breeders create their own style within their line, being careful not to stray from breed type.

Type of Dog | Houston Dog Bite Lawyer Reshard Alexander

Seeking a Free Consultation with one of Texas’ Houston Dog Bite Lawyers? Call the Houston Dog Bite Lawyer Reshard Alexander today at 713.766.3322.

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